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Current Key Trends for IT

IT, or the primary information technologies, is always evolving. It is crucial to move on with this process to identify the key strategic sectors that will be crucial in 2022. This is the situation in the platform economy, which is essential to the current phase of digital transformation. Over the next few years, how will it change? They have a significant impact on serverless and microservices activities. We provide an overview of the top 09 IT trends for the current year below. 

Because of the enormous amount of potential, the information technology business is witnessing a rise like never before, and more and more firms are eager to develop in this field. Information technology has a wide range of uses, which is why it has proven to be such a valuable fundamental component in the overall structure that companies currently have. With the rising relevance of this, it is critical to grasp the major characteristics of this sector and the key components that contribute to it being the innovative instrument that it is.

         1- CLOUD COMPUTING:

Cloud computing is one of the most significant trends that has developed in the last year. More and more companies are understanding the need to have a designated location for all of their digital information and resources, and having a well-protected location that can handle everything and keep the information secure has virtually become a requirement. Cloud computing is the go-to solution for businesses looking to optimize and streamline their operations in the digital age.


Mobile applications have risen in popularity in recent years, and they are making a bigger and better appearance this year. Brands and industries all around the world are attempting to find methods to improve their work by utilizing mobile applications and implementing new tools that may make working on the move more productive.


Big data analytics is a trend that has emerged in recent years, and it is currently being adopted in practically every business that uses large-scale production processes, manufacturing, and supply. Big data analytics enables companies to better digest their information and have a better grasp of the areas in which they need to improve.


Automation is a trend that has extensively affected manufacturing and production units and is expected to increase even more in the future years. Automation has also accelerated procedures, allowing businesses to achieve their objectives in a far more efficient manner.

         4-NETWORK OF THINGS (IoT):

IoT is another intriguing emerging technological topic. Nowadays, a lot of “things” are constructed with WiFi connectivity, allowing them to connect to the Internet and to one another. The IoT, or the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the wave of the future, and it has already made it possible for gadgets, household appliances, automobiles, and many other things to be connected to the Internet and exchange data there.

We already use and profit from IoT as consumers. While tracking our fitness on our Fitbits, we can remotely lock our doors if we fail to do so before we leave for work and preheat our ovens on the way home. Businesses, however, stand to earn significantly both now and in the near future. As data is gathered and analyzed, the IoT may help organizations make better decisions about safety, efficiency, and decision-making. It may facilitate preventative maintenance, expedite medical treatment, enhance customer service, and provide advantages we haven’t even begun to consider.


Even in small-scale units and smaller implementations, intelligent devices that employ automation or artificial intelligence are becoming more common. Homes are now becoming smarter due to the adoption and application of smart technology in them. Simple devices like Alexa have become indispensable in households, and it is predicted that this trend will continue over the coming year.


Virtual reality has taken this one step further, providing clients with the highest pinnacle of a digital experience. The gaming business has always grown with the field of information technology. Due to new technology, virtual reality gaming has already begun to gain popularity, which enhances the way the sector may expand.


Another method of creating “manufactured experiences” that people now have access to is augmented reality. The way the field has been able to evolve as a result has improved. In comparison to virtual reality, augmented reality is being used far more often outside of the gaming sector.


Blockchain technology delivers security that is valuable in many other ways, despite the fact that most people only associate it with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The easiest way to think of blockchain is as data that you can only add to, not subtract from, or edit. As a result of creating a chain of data, the term “chain” was created. It’s so secure since the prior blocks can’t be changed. Furthermore, because blockchains are consensus-driven, no single party can gain control over the data. You may monitor and validate transactions without the help of a reliable third party using blockchain technology.

Blockchain is being used and adopted by many different businesses, and as its use grows, so does the need for qualified experts. A blockchain developer is an individual who focuses on creating and implementing blockchain-based solutions and architectures. This is the ideal moment to begin if you are interested in Blockchain technology and its applications and want to create a career out of it. 

         9-CYBER SECURITY: 

Given that it has been around for a long time, cyber security may not seem to be new technology, but it is developing much like other technologies. This is partly due to the ongoing emergence of new threats. The malicious hackers who are attempting to get unauthorized access to data won’t give up anytime soon, and they will keep looking for methods to get beyond even the strictest security measures. Additionally, it’s because modern technology is being modified to improve security. Cybersecurity will continue to be a popular technology as long as there are hackers since it is continually changing to thwart them.

The fact that there is three times quicker growth in cybersecurity employment than in other IT occupations is evidence of the high need for cybersecurity experts. By 2025, 60% of firms will perform third-party transactions and commercial engagements with cybersecurity risk as a main consideration.



Businesses are transforming the way they operate, and to achieve an effective and agile digital transformation, their technologies now need to be connected to one another.

Companies that fail to consider and incorporate these technology (IT) developments into their operations will fall behind their rivals. Contact Zenkoders as we are specialists in assisting businesses with digital transformation by using all the key trends in IT, which help to make the project impactful.

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