Living In The Era Of Metaverse

When they say METAVERSE, do they actually mean an entire VIRTUAL UNIVERSE?

A world where science will lay off and fiction will meet reality. Is this what our future beholds?

These, including several mind-blowing questionnaires, would be running in each one of our minds. But for what has been this hype? Is it just fiction? Or is it a reality? Or maybe even a fictitious reality?

We have come up today with an answer to a number of your questions.

Metaverse; A family of apps comprising virtual reality is “an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations.”

The word “metaverse” is a portmanteau of the words “meta-” and “verse”. The word “meta” is a prefix of Greek-origin meaning “beyond,” while the word “verse” comes from the word “universe.”

The metaverse is officially a game-changer. Though in its infancy, it’s clear that the metaverse will radically change how we’re able to interact online, how brands advertise, how fast crypto is adopted, and any number of other facets of life. Here’s an explainer to help understand what changes are underway—and what’s to come.

Cmon’! Let’s watch the metaverse get physical!

Imagine a VIRTUAL WORLD where people can connect from any corner of the globe by actually sitting next to each other, with avatars of every person around the globe representing their respective humans, including a wardrobe of virtual clothes. A home space where people can store virtual goods, invite people over, and teleport (a whole different world of gaming where they are able to play. A world where your privacy and safety are taken good care of virtually. Fitness freaks get their own space to spend a good amount of time staying fit without any hassle of actually going to or paying for the gym. A platform where businessmen and entrepreneurs can connect to their meetings or clients from everywhere on earth, physically. Students can learn and practice virtually from history and space by watching every process of required info from the closest to their eyes.

Now imagine “you“ being a part of this world and actually living in this virtual reality!!! Isn’t it insane? Yes, we know it is.

If you haven’t considered how the metaverse will impact marketing, then you’re already behind the curve. The metaverse isn’t an “if” but a “when.” That is, it’s an inevitability. The metaverse will impact marketing in many ways, some of which you can begin to implement now.

A few days ago, an NFT-based metaverse real estate company named Metaverse Group bought a parcel of land on a virtual real estate platform known as Decentraland for USD 2.43 million. It was the highest ever amount spent so far on virtual real estate!

Virtual reality isn’t new. It’s been around in one variation or another for decades. Of course, it’s improved leaps in bounds in recent years, and it will continue to do so in the years to come.

So what are the improvements that this new version of the virtual world holds?

  • Selling physical and digital goods.
  • Future hardware.
  • Avatars are able to make actual eye contact and facial expressions. They also have the same skin tones as the representative human.
  • Measuring the geometrics of a house to turn it into an avatar.
  • From product development to the sale of existing products or services, virtual reality enables you to bring your customers into the fold. They can play an active role in all stages of the process. A virtual world, like aspects of Fortnite that can be accessed through PCs, game consoles, and even phones, could be metaverse.
  • As the metaverse grows, so too will branding and advertising opportunities. including virtual message boards, billboards, merchandise, and even the virtual clothing avatars wear.

With events like this becoming more popular, especially with Generations Z and Alpha, metaverse events won’t just be a tool you can use but a necessity. As your target audience changes, so too will your marketing efforts. This is just one example of how the metaverse will play a role.

METAVERSE; An ultimate promise of technology to connect people.

It is the future, where just with a pair of glasses you can step beyond the physical world into the virtual world.

How do you see this world ahead?


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