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Myths In IT Company That You Probably Still Believe

Unbelievably, throughout the majority of the previous three decades, computers and IT have been a part of our professional lives. Myths have had plenty of time to form since the mid-1990s when Windows-based computers first started to appear in offices all over the country. We thus have some bad news for you if you’ve heard any of the following tidbits of IT support information in recent years and you still think they’re true.

These Seven IT support misconceptions may still be true in your mind. but in fact, aren’t.

MYTH # 01: If you work in technology, you code all day:

Let me start by saying

that you can certainly work in technology if you want to code all day. But that’s not the only way to work in tech. You may devote your entire day to managing projects, design, content creation, social media marketing, developing products, brainstorming some new ideas, including marketing plans, data analysis, and answering technical issues for other people.

MYTH # 02: Social Support for Women in Technology Is Nonexistent:

There are tons of women in technology. And as a result of their increasing numbers, these women have excellent social support systems. In contrast to what you hear, Zenkoders never step back when it comes to hiring women for its tech company, from its Hr Executive to its content creator, and from its Full Stack developer to its Frontend UI/UX designer, there are a number of women in every field of its establishment, and without any hesitation, we are proud to have our women side by side in our pathway to success.

Besides Zenkoders, there have been a number of software companies that are actually looking forward to hiring women for their agencies. There are gatherings in big cities. Online communities are also available. The point is that if you look hard enough, you’ll know that there are plenty of fish in the sea.

MYTH # 03: As long as an attachment is sent by a member of your firm, it is safe to access it:

It makes complete sense that the majority of us would take an email from one of our coworkers at face value; it’s human nature. Unfortunately, malware and cyberattacks have advanced to the point where they can now almost imperceptibly “spoof” email addresses, making it possible for dangerous emails to look real.

This basically implies that you should always double-check any attachment that you don’t recognize or that hasn’t been inspected or approved by your IT support staff.

MYTH # 04: A computer will run quicker with more RAM installed:

Contrary to common perception, a RAM upgrade is not one of the modifications you can make to a PC or laptop to increase its performance, as RAM is only utilized for its intended purposes to effectively function your computer’s short-term memory.

Your RAM gets eaten up faster the more apps you have open at once. Your computer will start to use its hard drive instead of RAM as you use up the installed RAM, a process known as “paging,” which is substantially slower. Therefore, adding more RAM won’t make your computer faster; instead, it will only let you run more apps concurrently until it starts to slow down.

So how can you speed up your computer so it loads and performs programs quickly? You would have to increase your computer’s processor, also known as its CPU, to do so.

MYTH # 05: Apple Mac computers are virus-free:

Here’s one of the oldest IT support myths: Macs don’t catch viruses.

The reality is that they can and do. It’s just that virus infections occur considerably less frequently on Mac computers than on Windows ones.

There are two possible explanations for this:

Macs have a lesser installed base over the world. Statistics show that MacOS accounts for just 13% of operating systems, whereas Windows accounts for 74%.

Simply said, there are fewer known vulnerabilities in the Mac environment, and Apple does an excellent job of keeping its operating system up to date against possible threats.

MYTH # 06:There is no diversity in technology:

According to the Wall Street Journal, minority employees make up 41% to 69% of the workforce at nine of the major tech companies (Yahoo!, LinkedIn, eBay, Intel, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Microsoft, and Google). The number ranges from 27% to 37% in leadership roles. Of course, it varies greatly depending on the organization, but diversity has become a top focus for many in the IT industry.

MYTH # 07: There is no such thing as work-life balance in tech companies:

That’s not even close! Many computer professions are extremely flexible and allow you to organize your work hours around other commitments in your life. Aside from that, there are plenty of remote jobs that allow you to do things like travel while working! Instead of spending only two weeks of vacation every year, enjoy workcations anytime you want! Here at Zenkoders, Employees are given flexible timings, other than all the benefits of working here. We yearn to make each one of our Zenkoders’ family members contend with work and life both at once.


The Bottom Line:

Computers and IT will always add a level of complexity, which means it’s simple to be misleading – as this list demonstrates.

The last thing you want as a business owner is to be misled or uninformed about your IT support services. This is why you should contact our IT experts at Zenkoders. With years of expertise in providing dependable IT assistance to businesses all around the globe, we only provide experienced advice that you can rely on.

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