We’ve all been through difficult times as a beginner, and if you’re just getting started with coding, you can easily relate. Coding is difficult, and beginners are prone to errors. As a result, today I’ll list 07 mistakes that new programmers make. Knowing your flaws will help you improve as a programmer.

Making mistakes is extremely common. Even experienced people make mistakes. We will only learn from our mistakes.


  1. Inconsistent Code Writing Style:

For beginners, writing inconsistent code is natural. A beginner should always strive to write well-structured code that includes proper indentation, CamelCase notation for variable names, proper commenting, and so on. Beginners are prone to randomly using small-case and large-case variable names throughout the code. A consistent code writing style is important because it makes it easier for anyone else who will look at the code later or maintain it. Maintaining consistency can also boost productivity. It is always best to write in an IDE or text editor to ensure that variable names are automatically generated after the first declaration. Never forget that we write code for other humans, not machines. Maintenance engineers or coders will read every line of code you write in your life, and they will appreciate the consistency.

      2. Incorrect Copy Paste:

This is a very common issue among new developers. What happens if we are unable to solve the problem? We always use Google to find solutions. Of course, Google will provide a more relevant link for our issue. The majority of the time, we will receive the required code. What will new developers do if they don’t understand the code? They will simply copy-paste the entire code and run the application to see if it works. This is a disastrous strategy. Why? because we can’t simply copy-paste someone else’s solution into our code. It will not work. First, we must comprehend how the problem is resolved.  Then we must modify our code in accordance with the solution you discovered on the internet. This is how we must work. If we do not understand how the given solution works, we may run into another issue if the given solution has a flaw. So, always comprehend what a tutorial/solution article suggests, then implement the solution based on your comprehension. Do not simply copy and paste the code from the internet.

      3. Knowledge That Isn’t Complete:

Beginners are unable to harness the power of the programming language. The programming language includes all of the necessary tools and techniques, and it is beneficial for the beginner to learn at least one new concept on a daily basis. It also takes time to master a programming language. As a result, it is always preferable to commit to a programming language for an extended period of time. Creating valuable projects can assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of the programming language.

      4. Not Performing Code Backup (Not Using VCS):

Many software companies or teams do not use version control systems (VCS) in their software development processes. For your project, you must use a version control system. It could also be a small project. Why? because we are frequently unable to take backups of our code. Taking manual backups of code will always be a major issue. Why? Because we cannot manage the folders and files if we make frequent changes and the size grows. Git is a well-known version control system. Github is a hosted version control platform. They provide free private repositories for project and source code management. My team’s preferred language is Git. For your project, you can use any version control system. However, you must use any VCS on your project. When you want to roll back to previous code if new changes cause serious problems, you can feel the power of the version contr tool.

      5. Failure Anxiety

We are always concerned about software. because the software will malfunction. It will unexpectedly crash. It will not function as expected. My project has failed numerous times. But I’m not concerned about that. We may be afraid of failing. But if we don’t try, we won’t be able to make the application. So put in the effort. Allow for more failure. You will then be able to create a successful product or project. But don’t be afraid to give it a shot. Make an effort to learn about new technology. Don’t be concerned about learning a new programming language. Every language is the same, with only minor differences in syntax. Spend more time learning before writing code. You can easily create a solution if you are very clear about the idea or problem.

      6. Failure to Perform Proper Debugging

If a problem or error occurs, we must first determine which line of code is to blame. The error code must then be tested separately without affecting the application. However, instead of testing the error code separately, the novice developer will modify the error-causing code in the application itself and test the application. This will give you more time to test and fix the problem.

      7. Don’t leave unhelpful remarks.

Code commenting is the practice of inserting small, generally single-line annotations across your code. These notes are referred to as “comments.” They describe how your program operates and what your objectives are. Commenting may appear straightforward, but novice developers may need to practice to get the hang of it. You could be tempted to write too many comments to clarify the obvious, rendering it illegible. Or you may not use enough, which will be ineffective. When commenting on your code, referencing other people’s work is a good practice. Look at comparable GitHub projects, read their comments, and learn from them if you’re having problems learning how to correctly add comments to your code.

When commenting, there are some ground rules to observe.

  • Comments should clarify rather than contribute to any misunderstanding.
  • The code should not be copied into the comments.
  • Good comments do not exempt clear code.
  • Include connections to external references where they will be most beneficial.



We highlighted some of the pitfalls that developers make in their coding adventures in this guide. If you make a mistake, don’t feel bad about it. These errors will not make or break your learning, but correcting them as soon as possible can help you advance far faster. At Zenkoders, you will be assisted by fault-proof projects delivered by our expert developers with full functionality and high maintenance. 

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