Understanding Meta’s New AI Chatbot

Understanding Meta’s New AI Chatbot

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has recently introduced an advanced conversational assistant. It is called Meta AI and as of this April 2024, deployed and integrated with the entire meta ecosystem of apps. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a video “We believe that Meta AI is now the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use”.
This new AI chatbot is powered by Meta’s latest and most advanced model “Meta Llama 3” (Llama 3 is an accessible, open-source large language model (LLM) designed for developers, researchers, and businesses). 

What exactly is Meta AI and what does it do:

To put it simply, Meta AI is an AI-virtual assistant, it’s powered with real-time data from Google and Microsoft Bing search engines. The real power of Meta AI lies in its ability to understand and respond to natural language queries (input consisting of questions), making interactions with users feel more human and engaging. Meta has built a genuinely immersive experience that puts the user in control by integrating advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Why are AI chatbots everywhere?

In the past voice chats, voice activation, and smart assistants were major trends similar to those today AI chatbots are the next big thing. Now most major companies like Microsoft with its Microsoft Copilot and Snapchat AI chatbot My AI are trying to make AI chatbots more and more common and accessible to the general masses, similar to these many more major firms are developing and integrating AI chatbots into their products so they won’t get left behind on the trend. 

Meta is also not so different, the meta ecosystem of apps namely Instagram, Facebook Whatsapp, and Messenger all used to rely on users’ friends, family, and communities to keep them on these apps. Now, as these platforms need to keep up with the trend so they don’t become irrelevant, hence we have seen an influx of these AI chatbots.

Where can you find Meta AI:

Meta AI comes in as a stand-alone website where it will perform like any other NLP (Natural Language Processing) Model but by being updated and working off of real-time data it has an edge over other AI assistants out in the market. You can also find it incorporated into the meta ecosystem of apps.
With Instagram, you can navigate to the search bar and click on the Meta AI logo to chat with Meta AI, the same with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It could provide information on various topics, answer questions, plan trips and even generate images from text prompts.

meta AI on all devices

What’s more to come?

Currently, Meta AI can answer queries generate images, and fetch information off the internet but there is more to come, it is teased that Meta AI will be able to animate still images according to prompts and also be able to manipulate videos and images.

With that Meta AI is said to be on the way for other Meta products like the Meta Quest virtual reality headset and also the Ray-Ban meta smart glasses to further enhance the Augmented and virtual reality worlds.


In conclusion, Meta’s new AI experience is an innovative challenger in the world of AI-powered virtual assistants. With the introduction of Meta AI on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, as well as its integration into Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest, users can expect a seamless and intuitive experience that enhances their digital interactions. The future is bright with Meta AI leading the way toward a more connected and engaging digital world.


To access the chatbot on WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, navigate to the search bar of these particular apps and click on the blue circular Meta Ai icon.
There is currently no way to fully turn off Meta AI in search.
In WhatsApp, there is an option to hide the new Meta AI button by going to Settings → Chats → Show Meta AI Button.
On Facebook, tap the search icon, the usual search bar has been replaced with one that says, “Ask Meta AI anything.” There you can interact with Meta AI.

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