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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create, edit, organize, and publish material. WordPress is a form of CMS that allows for the posting of this material on the internet.

WordPress templates :

WordPress began as a platform for anyone to create their own blogs. However, because of its user-friendly CMS, it has become a very popular platform for all types of web development. WordPress does not require any code in order to create a website! The number of themes offered to users rose as it gained in popularity. Many ideas might be realized online thanks to the large theme library. Not only basic blogs, but also complicated eCommerce sites, news sites, real estate listings, and hotel reservations, to name a few!

Indeed, WordPress is so popular, user-friendly, and professional-looking that significant organizations such as the New Yorker, Sony Music, and Mercedes-Benz utilize it. WordPress is expected to power 35% of all websites worldwide!

If you want to design and create a website, WordPress is an excellent place to start. If you don’t feel confident tackling it alone, many web designers can help you develop a stunning website in a short amount of time and for a reasonable cost.

With so many themes to select from, you may pick one that appeals to you and then focus on its design and the material you want to incorporate. To truly build the website into anything more than just a blog, plugins will almost certainly be required. Other developers generally construct those plugins and, once again, make them available for free installation on your page. WooCommerce for eCommerce, Yoast for enhanced search engine rankings, and Elementor for editing and design tools are some prominent ones.

Individual WordPress Themes:

If there isn’t an appropriate theme for your company, don’t worry! Many firms may create a totally customized WordPress theme for you. This includes whatever logo your firm has, with each component of each page completely personalized to your own unique demands and goals. Furthermore, the features you require, such as eCommerce, reservations, and blogs, will be provided. This way, you have the benefit of a custom-coded site while still having a user-friendly CMS that allows you to simply update your site without the aid of a developer!

All of our WordPress packages include the pro edition of iThemes Security, and we only install plugins that have hundreds of thousands of users and are often updated, so you don’t have to worry about security. Furthermore, to reduce unnecessary size and potential conflicts, we only install plugins that you definitely need and that perform perfectly together.

Finally, while there are many clean, professional, and creative WordPress themes available, it is not always feasible to find a theme that will meet all of a user’s expectations. You may have a very distinctive concept for your website that has yet to be realized as a WordPress theme.
This is not an issue with our service, since we offer custom design in addition to WordPress development, allowing you to create a fully unique site that is unrecognizable as WordPress.


Contrary to WordPress, building a custom website requires a firm grasp of coding and computer programming languages. The process of building a website from the ground up is called custom web page development. You’re not starting with a WordPress theme; instead, you’re starting with a blank editor.

1. Safety:

Despite the abundance of website construction software accessible online, there are benefits to doing it yourself (or hiring a web developer to do it for you). The fundamental benefit of a custom-built website is security. Since they lack various plugins and themes, cleanly programmed websites are less vulnerable than open-source WordPress. However, considering the benefits of WordPress, many people are willing to make this sacrifice. All you have to do is remain on top of any developments!

2. SEO:

Custom sites are superior for SEO, contrary to popular belief. Although there is no technological difference between the two solutions, keep in mind that Google is a content-hungry search engine. It’s difficult to compete with WordPress, the pioneer of blogging! It is significantly more difficult for the typical person to keep up with fresh, quality material and blogs on custom sites.

3. Efficiency:

Because the website was built from the ground up, the code is more likely to be ‘clean,’ resulting in better performance; CMS systems install a lot of code, which can reduce capabilities and lead to difficult-to-find mistakes. However, several WordPress performance plugins, such as WP Rocket and NitroPack, significantly enhance speed.

4. Bug fixes:

If there are any technical issues, your developer will be able to assist fix them; but, with WordPress, determining the root of problems might be more difficult. To resolve difficulties, you may need to wait for particular plugin updates and assistance.

Of course, if it were simple to create and maintain excellent websites from the ground up, everyone would do it. This method, however, has limits. The first is cost: building a website because of technological know-how is substantially more expensive. Web developers are likely to charge far more for bespoke development than they do for WordPress development.

We normally only propose bespoke sites for really sophisticated design or feature requirements. For instance, suppose your website requires cutting-edge CSS and JavaScript effects similar to those shown on Awwwards. Please keep in mind that these websites are more for show than for reaching specific business objectives. Furthermore, if your website requires various sorts of user accounts with complex interactions (think freelancing platforms), WordPress would not be a solid long-term choice.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing between WordPress and Custom Development to develop your website, like other business decisions, will be influenced by time and money restrictions. WordPress is an excellent choice if you want a well-designed, user-friendly platform that performs well in SEO, enabling you to educate visitors about your services and sell items (to mention a few!). However, if you want a site with cutting-edge technology and web app-like feature needs, custom development is an interesting option. Either way, Zenkoders is the best development company to get your custom web development and/or WordPress site developed from scratch.

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