Priority Pigeon

It is a C2C mobile application designed to cater with parking issues of USA citizens by saving their time and making car parking available and easily accessible.
pigeon parking mobile app
After the successful outcome of the Priority Pigeon mobile application development, Zenkoders was assigned to tune in for another project from the same client, to ensure the availability of parking lots or meter parking for riders in California due to the lack or shortage of parking areas in the state.


Our team of developers designed this unique C2C Mobile application where they came up with the finest solution for the client, which enables the user to rent out their parking place for the time they are elsewhere.

Creating An Effective And Integrated Parking System For California:

As the automobility and its services are increasing drastically, so is the increment in the struggle of parking and space availability for riders. Hence bringing a digital solution in the form of a mobile application was the best way out of this problem.

Solving Problems Through Different Aspects:

The application holds 2 user-friendly options as per convenience for the user.

Trade Parking System:
The first one is Trade Parking System which allows users to trade their parking area with the same person he is going to book their parking from, overall a give and take system from both ends.

This approach works really well as the user is able to set a meter (timer) for themselves as a reminder, which helps them notify about the time which is left until the trader arrives back.

2. Parking Lot System:

Designing an assurance framework that enables the user to choose the most accessible parking area for themselves, without having to trade their own.

Pigeon Parking Coming To Life:

On the basis of our updated technological skills, we developed a framework that increased users’ feasibility by resolving security issues as well as by providing online transaction methods. Our developers chose Brain Tree as a payment gateway which makes it easier to transact online with credit cards and Paypal by the use of a split payment algorithm for the commission-based earning for our client and the user, both.

We developed a digital solution that enabled customers to register their parking lots.

An admin panel is designed for the Client to monitor C2C services. And a mobile application was designed for the users where they can rent out their parking space and book for themselves.

The trading location is tracked through redirection on maps. Also, the information on the car color, model, and registration is provided to the trader.


Accomplishment Of Our Client’s Business Objectives:

Our team’s brilliance lies in accomplishing the client’s objectives, and yet again we take pride in announcing the positive outcome of this phenomenal project and are persistent to have this trustworthy relationship with them.

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