An idea based on the “SKIP THE LINE” concept for customers all across the radius to avoid standing in the queue by saving time and reserving online.
priority pigeon mobile app
Pigeon needed an efficient, scalable, and sustained C2B application for the digital solution for customers who wait in long queues for their turn. To fulfill the need for consuming time and resources and to give users a wide variety of options registered on Priority Pigeon and to cater to their needs through online payment and transactions. Priority Pigeon works as a source for business owners to register their businesses, helping them build more customer reach.


Zenkoders along with its team of developers helped Priority Pigeon to build an android and iOS-based Generic Reservation System that helps to connect customers with business owners within the categories of vast domains.

Priority Pigeon Coming To Life:

It took a span of 6 months for our proficient team of developers to build this efficient user- friendly mobile app.

The reservation is based on the user’s locations and the radius is set for the nearest outlets. The vast domains of category included, Airports, amusement parks, banks, bars, check cashing stores, clothing stores, clubs, concerts, DMV’s, events, food trucks, grocery stores, home improvement stores, hotels, MMJ dispensaries, museums, restaurants, shipping stores, shoe stores.

The software consists of an online reservation Mobile App for the customers, a business app for the shop owners to register their businesses on Priority pigeon, and an admin panel for the client to get businesses registered, all on a single platform.

Priority pigeon mobile app
Priority pigeon mobile app

Flow In The Priority Pigeon:

The flow in the working of priority pigeon was as smooth and organized as possible, combining different categories of business at a single platform.

The business App is tablet and iPad – friendly which allows business owners to register their business by elaborating their details of name, capacity, location, timings, and prices for 1-person and 2-person reservations. Once the business is registered through the admin portal, it is then visible in the customer app. Customers are then eligible to book the reservation through the “SKIP THE LINE ” option according to the availability and capacity of the business.

Our developers chose Brain Tree as a payment gateway which makes it easier to transact online with credit cards and Paypal by the use of a split payment algorithm for the commission-based earning for our client and the business owner.

The reservation is confirmed on the customer app in the form of a reservation code, as soon as the customer receives the code, the business owner of the respective outlet either accepts or declines. Once the reservation is accepted, a trigger pops up on the customer’s phone screen asking for a review and the customer then receives bonus points in the form of 1 free skip for 1 person. The digital currency which was earned is limited only to being used 4 times a month in total.

Perks Of Using Priority Pigeon:

Road To Growth:

Our efficient team of developers pulled this project successfully, resulting in long-term and trustworthy relations with the clients, for the quality and maintenance assisted to them. We plan to offer impeccable customer services to facilitate users in the best possible way, boost loyalty and customer retention.


The digitally acquired software helped us to form a bridge between customer convenience and business growth for the owners with authentic customer services and the feasibility of the users within the large domain of categories.

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