Speeca is a B2C mobile application designed to teach English to Chinese students. The app consists of useful features enabling the users to gain knowledge as per their accessibility.

Speeca case study Zenkoders Portfolio

Frontend Language: React Native | Database: Firebase | Duration: 2 months | Payment Gateway: Stripe | Region: China



Speeca was designed to promote English learning among students. A Chinese tutor wanted to teach the English language to her students in an online/ virtual setup.



Zenkoders along with his entire team came up with the solution to create an android and IOS mobile app along with a web portal for the users and our client, respectively, for conducting learning sessions.


Speeca case study Zenkoders Portfolio




The users have access to 3 different options, through the same platform:

1. Learn:   

The teacher through her admin panel is able to send audio in the mobile app which can reflect from the Chinese language automatically into the English language. 

2. Quizzes:

A particular test section where the teacher can post marked quizzes in Chinese language and the students are to answer the questions in the English language. As a result, those answers are then scored. The app consists of 2 types of quizzes:

  • Vocabulary Quizzes
  • Collocation quizzes.

3. Resources:

The resources are provided by the teacher, and the students are able to download them to learn them later. For example pdf files etc.

4. Class:

This feature enables the user(students) to purchase the desired course and lectures which are provided by the tutor for better learning.


Speeca case study Zenkoders Portfolio




This project was successfully completed by leaving a unique impact on the life of every Chinese student who wanted to learn the English language without any hassle.


Speeca case study Zenkoders Portfolio