Vanter is a C2C Mobile application designed for the target population of 13+ years of youngsters who seek cordial friendships and associations. Our objective is to provide a social media experience with added features of conversations, chat, and friend requests.

VANTER case study Zenkoders Portfolio

Backend Design Language: Firebase | Frontend Design Language: React native | Project Duration: 8 Months




With each passing day, the number of social media apps are increasing and so is the complexity for the user to pick the best application among all. Our client wanted us to design Vanter; a social app which does not only connects the users but also creates a relation between them for a better understanding and affiliation.


VANTER case study Zenkoders Portfolio




Zenkoders along with its team of experts came up with the proposition to design a project which interrogates the user regarding his or her preferences and choices.

  • An algorithm is made, based on the likes and dislikes of the users.
  • The match is created between two users based on the percentage of their common and different features.
  • The user gets notified regarding likes count and comments on his posts.
  • The application also consists of an option to report and block any user.
  • An option for social login exists to make a better user experience.
  • The user can post his business and its location, along with other details related to it.
  • Through the admin panel, any user can be disabled or sent a notification to.


VANTER case study Zenkoders Portfolio




Although our professional team has successfully been able to make social applications in the past, but Vanter has been the star. The successful collaboration with Vanter and the endless efforts put in by our experts helped us build a long-term relationship with the client which made them keep coming back.


VANTER case study Zenkoders Portfolio