Yayo is a mobile application designed to enable online credit recharge on phones for people all across Africa.

YAYO Case Study Zenkoders Portfolio




Yayo wanted to make online recharge easy for Africans through the mobile application.


Our expert team of developers came up with the advanced solution of building a bilingual Android and IOS application in English and French and by providing assistance to the pre-paid and post-paid users.

The app consists of two credit transfer options:

  1. Recharge (for pre-paid users)
  2. Billing (for post-paid users)


YAYO Case Study Zenkoders Portfolio




Credit transfer is made easy through this application within three steps:

  1. The user enters his phone number and the amount of credit that is to be transferred.
  2. Inputs the required card/ account details.
  3. The charges are then deducted and the credit is transferred successfully.


The users are also able to check their history of prior transactions.


YAYO Case Study Zenkoders Portfolio



Zenkoders has been able to cater Africa at a large scale, by giving access to transfer online credit through Yayo Mobile Application. This mobile application has enabled a number of people to smoothly recharge their mobile phones through online payment along with a bilingual alternative for better customer service.



YAYO Case Study Zenkoders Portfolio