Yield-bites is a B2C mobile application designed for the nutrition maintenance of the human body to keep the person healthy by making every calorie count.

It is a tool that allows the user to weigh every consumed food into calories and micronutrients which helps the person to monitor and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yield-Bites case study Zenkoders PortfolioFront End: React Native | Backend: MongoDB | Duration: 4 months | Region: USA



Our client wanted to design a product that could perform the function of a nutritionist and provide the user with information and guidance regarding maximal calorie utilization at the individual level.

The project was designed to cater the needs of a healthy-conscious user who wants to adopt a healthful routine of consuming food within the prescribed limit.


Every health problem requires a healthy solution especially when it comes to physical fitness, and over or underweight issues a these problems are the root which leads to many dangerous and threatening diseases. Therefore our team of expert developers came up with the idea of creating a digital solution for monitoring the health maintenance of the users.


Yield-Bites case study Zenkoders Portfolio




A diet/ nutrition application where the user can input their age, height, weight, and goal (whether they desire to increase or decrease their weight).

  •  Based on this info, a formula is generated for the user to gain knowledge of calorie intake throughout the day to maintain weight.
  • The user inputs the info about his type of food consumption throughout the day.
  • The food type can be categorized into:

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Dinner.

  • Now, the 3rd party API (a special program that connects functionalities from different apps) i.e. the nutritionix helps out by providing data regarding the calorie count of the food, telling every detail about micronutrients, for instance: sugar, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • If the user has eaten outdoor, he can add the name of the restaurant and the food he has consumed from the respective place. Based on that info, the third-party API will inform the correct amount of calories that the user has consumed.
  • For the systematic continuity of a healthy lifestyle, 2 types of charts are maintained:
  1. For the calorie count.
  2. For portion count like protein, fiber, carbs, etc.
  • Statistics are shown on a monthly and weekly basis to show the progress of weight and waist.
  • This application is designed with an authentic feature that gives suggestions for food consumption based on the details of the user.
  • Biometric authentication is present.


Yield-Bites case study Zenkoders Portfolio



What’s exciting?

  • Copy from date – copy to dates options are available for the user if he or she hasn’t input the current day’s/ today’s calorie count.
  • The user can add his frequently used restaurants into favorites.
  • The user can update his waist and weight progress on weekly basis.
  • The initial goal can be changed.



Who doesn’t needs a nutritionist these days? Yield-bites have proven to be that Go-To digital nutritionist which you can carry everywhere with your self. As a user, you can never be unsure about the number of calories you should consume or the type of food you should eat as yield bites provide an insight for the right calorie, at the right time and at the right place.


Yield-Bites case study Zenkoders Portfolio