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Real Estate App Development Services

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Zenkoders is a well-known real estate app development business. We provide creative solutions that address the particular demands of real estate enterprises as well as evolving buyer and seller expectations and behavioral trends.

As more consumers turn to mobile devices as their preferred medium for everyday solutions, several sectors, including real estate, are recognizing the need of mobile applications. A powerful real estate app with many functions may help your firm acquire significant advantages such as more quality leads, improved client satisfaction, and overall growth.  We are here to give our customers a single platform where they can purchase, sell, or rent homes. Customers may explore each property in detail and schedule appointments with property owners, agents, and consultants. Our real estate mobile app design and development services, as well as cutting-edge technology and resources, allow us to help you grow your business and maximize your ROI.

Must-Have Real Estate Mobile MVP Features

MVP stands for minimum viable product. It signifies that this product has a limited number of features and was created with a limited amount of time and effort. However, the term “viable” implies that such a product must execute the app’s essential functions and allow early users to achieve their objectives. In the case of a real estate app, they should be basic features that help customers discover suitable housing.

Real Estate App Development Services

Creative Real State app development services

How to create A Real Estate App In 4 Easy Steps:

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STEP 1: Determine Your Goal:

Determine the market you want to target; select a target audience; and explore the market to uncover consumers' pain points.

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STEP 2: Consider How You Will Stand Out:

The problem is that your product should not be distinctive, But original. What if the availability of your goods is what makes them valuable? Or do you provide a smooth organization that no other rival can?
After conducting market research and meeting with your rivals, you must ask yourself, "How are you different from them?" What distinguishes you from the competition in terms of a feature, detail, or service?

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STEP 3: Gather the Listings

Listings are the majority of any real estate app. These are real estate data databases or apartment and home offerings that are ready to be linked into your app. Listings are vital because, when launching a real estate app, you must ensure that you have something to offer your consumers.

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STEP 4: Create the MVP

The development phase begins when you and your product team have confirmed the idea. Everyday matters in startup development. It is critical for MVP to quickly and easily develop a basic version of your product. However, you must consider how your product may scale up and adjust the architecture accordingly.

Real Estate App Development Services

Filters for Search

The first step in utilizing a real estate app is to use a search engine.

In addition to merely offering an engine, it is preferable to include well-structured filters to make the search more interesting and speedier. This is especially true for mobile users who use the app while on the go (in queues, taxis, transport, etc.).

You may include filters like:

  • Location

  • Type of property

  • Price

  • Construction year

  • Neighborhood


Before you begin constructing a real estate app, it’s a good idea to research your rivals’ applications, monetization methods, and features. Because without a fantastic concept, you can never standout in the market.
There is no clear response to this issue because the development of real estate applications is determined by a variety of factors, including the client’s unique needs, the complexity of features, user interface design idiosyncrasies, and so on.

There are several kinds of real estate smartphone applications. Choose the most appropriate to your sort of business before growing your real estate business:

CRM for real estate, App for renting, App for property management systems, App for home valuation, App for Real Estate Investing, Purchasing and reselling home applications

The price of e-commerce app development services is determined by the size and complexity of your project. In contrast, e-commerce app development services can range in price from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.
Real estate applications with easy navigation, high interactivity, and appealing designs improve consumer confidence and aid in the acquisition of new clients. It also makes it easier to engage with consumers, target them more precisely, advertise your agency, and increase property sales.

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