do programmers need a good memory for coding

Do programmers need a good memory for coding

A lot of beginners question their memorization ability before choosing a programming career for their professional lives. They doubt a stack of questions starting from: “Do programmers remember everything?” Do they remember the entire programming language as well as the documentation? Is it necessary for me to recall everything in order to be deemed a skilled developer?

If you are one of those people surrounded by uncertainty, then the answer to all these questions is A BIG NO!

People who code or deal closely with computers may be stereotyped as techy, geeky, or nerdy. When you hear this, you might believe that being “smart” and having a super memory is a need for programmers.

However, if you work with programmers, you will see that this image is false and that we all come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and have different skills.

Having stated that, you must put what you learn into practice. Practice until you can communicate your understanding and demonstrate your proficiency. It is not about memorization but about how well you understand things.

The following is a guideline for remembering the essential ideas of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:


You should be conversant with 25 to 30 HTML components.

Zenkoders is a wonderful place to start learning about the most popular HTML and CSS components.

Learn the fundamental principles of HTML to create a web page; start small and apply what you’ve learned. Understand how the form element works. Once you’ve mastered the HTML form components, repeat the procedure with other tags.

You should be familiar with the basic tags you’ll be utilizing on a regular basis, such as body, div, head, p, ul, li, h1 – h6, span, strong, em, table, and so on. These are the principles you should be aware of.

You should be familiar with HTML5 doctypes. Also, you can learn how to create a script element for inline JavaScript and how to include a script file.


You should be able to modify the font size, color, margin, padding, and width. You should understand how to float an element using float left or right, as well as how to clear an element afloat.

You should be familiar with the terms em, px, rem, and %. If you want your website or application to be responsive across many platforms, you also need to know how to build a simple media query.

It’s perfectly OK if you’re unfamiliar with the half-dozen distinct HTML elements and CSS attributes. If you want assistance, Google is always available.


You should be able to query the DOM without the use of a library.

You should be familiar with the fundamental console commands.

  • console.log
  • console.error
  • console.dir(object)
  • copy(string)
  • console.groupEnd
  • console.timeEnd(label)
  • console.groupCollapsed
  • console.time(label)


Loops, if-else expressions, objects, functions, and arrays are all vital concepts to understand.

Continuous Training

When it comes to programming, there will never be a time where you can claim, “I have studied and mastered everything.”

But there will come a day when you will feel at ease. You will no longer be terrified. If anything new appears, you will be at ease searching it up and figuring it out.

All you have to do now is keep learning and practising.

The Bottom Line:

The heart of coding is the use of programming languages, which provide a collection of keywords and syntaxes that must be combined to form a working program. On the other hand, understanding how to efficiently build working code that gets the job done is more essential than memorizing these terms and grammar.

It is significantly more advantageous for programmers to have analytical skills and resilience attributes than to believe that you must have an excellent memory to write. Investing in these traits will be more beneficial than striving to increase your memory. All that, along with the professional training, is provided to all the beginners here at Zenkoders who strive to develop their coding skills and pursue it as a professional career. A number of beginners who have now become professionals and a number of professionals who are now expert coders,started their careers as software developer interns at Zenkoders, and are now rising stars in the field of Software Development.

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