Top 08 WordPress Plugins You Must Have For Your Business

Top 08 WordPress Plugins You Must Have For Your Business

WordPress is one of the most accessible, controllable, and user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS). It can serve as the front page of a blog, business website, or magazine. What makes the WordPress CMS so popular is its ability to be extended in an infinite number of ways. WordPress’ allure is difficult to match, with a plethora of themes, excellent plugins, and substantial support.

Although WordPress provides several tools, selecting the best ones might be tough. Installing too many plugins might cause your site to slow down, but installing too few plugins means you’ll lose out on crucial capabilities that make WordPress one of the most powerful website builders available. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve listed the top Eight WordPress plugins you should install on your website.

WordPress has powerful native search engine optimization (SEO) features, yet they might be tough to use. Yoast SEO plugins are user-friendly and allow you to optimize every page and piece of content on your site.

Although more individuals are becoming aware of SEO, the majority still do not grasp what it takes to achieve a high search engine rating. Yoast provides a number of tools to assist you in adding the proper keywords, optimizing your photos, and creating the right metadata.
The Yoast plugin is available in both free and paid editions. For tiny websites, the free edition is ideal. It provides thorough SEO and readability analysis, language support, automated XML sitemaps, and other features. A premium subscription includes support for numerous SEO extensions, insights into campaign success, sophisticated keyword optimization tools, and other benefits.

WPForms is another popular WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily construct smart surveys and forms. There are approximately 300 templates, ranging from contact forms to registration forms to surveys.
WPForms’ drag-and-drop builder is one of our favorites.

This makes creating customized forms incredibly simple, and it takes no specific expertise to utilize them. All forms are 100% mobile-friendly, and you can manage form submissions in an advanced input management section.

WPForms, on the other hand, is a paid plugin with no free version.

Global e-commerce has expanded fast in the last decade and is predicted to increase further. WordPress e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce allow you to capitalize on this trend and use it to your advantage.

WooCommerce, at its most basic, allows you to build a simple online store to your website. You may personalize product pages, add your own information, and handle purchases quickly and securely. There are also various supplementary plugins available to help you make your store even more powerful.

There’s a WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, for example, that you may use to accept and execute recurring subscriptions. There are several marketing add-ons and solutions available to assist you in optimizing your conversion rate.
Although the most basic version of WooCommerce is free to use, most plugins cost a one-time license fee. It’s also an open-source platform, which means you may modify the code as needed. is one of the world’s greatest blogging systems, and there are several plugins available to assist you in designing your site. One of our favorites is Elementor. It supports drag-and-drop page creation and comes with a variety of design tools.

It works well with WooCommerce and other major WordPress plugins. All users get access to over 100 widgets, a theme builder, and other marketing and performance optimization tools.

One intriguing aspect of Elementor is that it offers a fully-hosted membership for $99 per year, which includes Google Cloud hosting. There is also a free version of the WordPress plugin available, as well as many paid membership options.

The finest Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. It enables you to “properly” link your website to Google Analytics, allowing you to observe how visitors find and utilize your website.

The best feature is that it displays all of the crucial statistics directly inside your WordPress dashboard.
Then, you may improve your website to boost traffic, subscribers, and income. We provide comprehensive tips on installing Google Analytics in WordPress, using Google Analytics to allow eCommerce monitoring, and tracking user interaction.

MonsterInsights features a free version, but the real power of it becomes available only once you upgrade to the premium version.

You may sell memberships through your WordPress website after installing the MemberPress plugin. This is especially handy for company owners who want to put premium material behind a paywall to encourage people to support their work.

MemberPress provides a host of extra options in addition to simple paywall functionality. You may include dynamic price pages on your website, generate coupons and discount codes to stimulate sales, and drip material gradually based on release and expiration criteria.

The MemberPress Courses platform also allows you to offer online courses. You may use this to build your own courses, submit them to a professional learning management system (LMS) interface, and allow people to subscribe to and work through them.

SeedProd is the greatest WordPress drag-and-drop page builder. You can quickly tweak your website design and create custom page layouts without having to write any code. It is popular among business owners since it allows them to create totally customized landing pages in minutes without needing to employ a developer.

Using the SeedProd builder, you can now design totally bespoke WordPress themes without writing any code.

Choose from over 150+ professionally designed templates, or use their drag-and-drop WordPress page builder to create a completely unique layout from the start (no coding needed). Pre-made templates are available for landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, 404 pages, frontend login pages, and more. SeedProd has a smart design framework that allows you to save time by reusing parts rather than conducting repeated work. Color schemes, font combinations, page layouts, custom blocks, sections, and other features are available.

It includes all of the blocks, widgets, and features you’d expect from a robust page builder, such as optin forms, social profiles, countdown clocks, contact forms, buttons, price page blocks, different content blocks, and more.

It also has subscriber management built in and easy connections with third-party email marketing platforms and CRM applications.

The best aspect is that SeedProd is compatible with all WordPress themes, so you won’t have to modify your current theme to create a bespoke design.

SEMRush is a comprehensive marketing toolbox for digital marketers and business owners. It includes sophisticated tools to help you enhance your SEO, paid traffic plan, social media strategy, and content and public relations strategy.

It also aids in the collection of competitive intelligence about your competitors, allowing you to outrank them and dominate your sector.

We use their product for keyword research, backlink auditing, tracking brand mentions, spying on rivals, discovering best-performing social media posts and pages, ad strategy analysis, keyword rank tracking, and other tasks.

These few words are insufficient to convey SEMRush’s actual capabilities. It’s a must-have item on our list for serious company owners, and it works smoothly with AIOSEO, as previously indicated.

The Bottom Line:

Although there are numerous WordPress plugins, you only need a handful of the best to keep your site in peak condition. Here, we’ve outlined 08 of the best WordPress Plugins your website needs, but remember that this is far from an exhaustive list. There are plenty of less popular add-ons available that you might benefit from if you offer niche services or have a particularly specialized website. For each WordPress web development project for a client, Zenkoders assigns one of our top WordPress developers and directs the client to the best plugins needed for their specific line of business. Outshine your WordPress website project and get a successful digital platform for your company with Zenkoders .

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